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Samuel L. Clemens was a world traveler. He was also a journalist and the author of many books. Rather than critique his writings, this site is devoted to presenting the geography of the many places he visited and/or spoke about. The site is designed as a series of courses. This is actually an artifact of the modules used in the site development, the Drupal "Course" module. I think of this as more of an interactive textbook.

At this time (August of 2016) there is only one course available, "North American Tour of 1895". There is still a great deal of work to do to fully develop the course. Much material has yet to be included but most of the outline with points of interest have been mapped out. It is my hope that visitors will provide feed back, suggestions for site improvement, suggestions for additional points of interest along the mapped routes taken by Sam, and perhaps even additional material. Use the contact us function. Registered users may enter comments on the content, at the bottom of each page.

Oh yeah. This site is completely unaccredited and not associated with any institution of learning. It's here strictly for the amusement and perhaps edification of the visitor. I would gladly accept anyone of knowledge and interest as contributor and perhaps editor as the scope has now exceeded the ability of a mere mortal of limited financial means, such as myself, to complete. Spare change gladly accepted through accompanying paypal buttons but don't feel obligated.


B. Scott Holmes

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