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Slight Redesign

I'd heard that this site may be a bit confusing and after toggling back and forth between being an anonymous visitor and myself I could see room for improvement. I've done some designing with Panels and some additional Views that should improve viewability. I've also included a means of navigation for anonymous users. They are still unable to make comments but if they feel so inclined they may send me a message through the Contact menu option.

Working on The Innocents Abroad Course

I've hit a sort of writers block on the Roughing It Course. The first Lesson, Mark Twain Goes West is fairly well developed, although I'd like to add more quizzes. Locations and sections have been set for the remaining Lessons but they are in need of editing. Instead, I've been transferring my information from my personal site on The Innocents Abroad and developing the Mark Twain's Geography version, which is not based on a chapter by chapter layout but rather a region visited layout. Currently, I'm in the middle of Italy.

Sir Richard Burton's "The City of Saints"

I've begun adding clips from Burton's book as he provides some excellent descriptions of the places he visited. He traveled the same route as mark Twain, from St. Joseph to Salt Lake City, just one year previous. I also much enjoy his rather ornate manner of writing.

Why Twain's Geography

The premise of this site is the intersection between Mark Twain's travels and the places he visited. Currently all the sites I've mapped can already be found on my personal web site. I've been mapping these places as I developed my Mark Twain videos. These maps are secondary to that site. The main point there is to provide discussion of and links to my videos, almost all of which are on You Tube. My academic background is geography and my first significant career was as a professional cartographer. I love maps and I love Google Earth.

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