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Al Kiswah

Al Kiswah is about one half mile from Tal Kawkab, the location of the Abbey of St. Paul the Messenger. Ian Strathcarron identifies this location as the site of Saul's conversion to Christianity.

Ian Strathcarron, in Innocence and War, relates his experience in trying to locate this spot. It's rather surprising that it is not known as a tourist location. "In case anyone is interested in finding it I shall give it the spelling in the only English sign for it: "Kawkab". Samir asks for "Tal Kawkab". (In ten years driving foreigners around Samir has never been asked to go there before.) It is signposted in the town of Al Kiswah, some nine miles south-west of Damascus, and is half a mile to the east of that. " They follow the sign from Al Kiswah and find a church about forty (40) years old, the Abbey of St. Paul the Messenger.

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