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48° 32' 14" N , 8° 11' 39" E

Hotel with nobody visible -- one (very nice) room-girl for 3 floors -- & an awful bell to call folks to supper.

Allerheiligen, which is reached viá Achern is one of the most interesting objects for an excursion near Baden. Carriage there and back from the Krone or Adler at Achern the 7-- 8 fl; or to the Neuhaus only 4 1/2 fl. Travellers who desire to return from Allerheiligen to Achern (2 hrs drive by another route) should rejoin their conveyance at the foot of the waterfall, drive in 1 1/4 hr to Oppenau, then down the Renchthal in 2 hrs to Lautenbach and Oberkirch thence to stat. Appenweier or Renchen. Carr. from Achern for the whole excursion 8 -- 10 fl. Carr. from Allerheiligen.
Bædeker's Rhine - 1873