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November 17 - 23, 1868:  Cleveland, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Elmira, New York

"Despite his rapidly growing reputation through the publication of The Jumping Frog and his articles in various metropolitan newspapers, he was not well known.  Innocents Abroad had not yet made its appearance. At best, in so far as he was known at all in mid-western communities, he was still a mere newspaper humorist - fresh, vigorous, and promising, a man with an interesting pseudonym, but with nothing really substantial to recommend him to local lyceum committees."  (Lorch pg 94)

November 17 - Case Hall, Cleveland, Ohio

November 19 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As Sam wrote to his family from Cleveland, he must have returned there after the Pittsburgh show and departed from there for Elmira on the 20th; arriving there on the 21st.

November 23 - Opera House, Elmira, New York



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