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The ship sailed from New York harbor on June 8, 1867 and returned on November 19. Twain had convinced his employer, the Daily Alta California, to pay his passage ($1,250) as well as accept his travel letters. The book is derived from these letters as well as others written for the New York Herald, and the New York Tribune and of course his own journal. Possibly the single most important moment in Twain's life occurred because of a fellow passenger, Charles J. Langdon of Elmira, New York. He showed Twain a picture of his sister, Olivia. Twain (Clemens) married her in 1870.

The Innocents Abroad

  • Innocents Across the Atlantic
  • Innocents in the Azores
  • Innocents in Morocco
  • Innocents in France
  • Innocents in Italy
  • Innocents in Greece
  • Innocents in the Ottoman Empire
  • Innocents in Russia
  • Innocents Journey Through the Holy Land
  • Innocents in Egypt
  • The Innocents Go Home Again

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