The ship sailed from New York harbor on June 8, 1867 and returned on November 19. Twain had convinced his employer, the Daily Alta California, to pay his passage ($1,250) as well as accept his travel letters. The book is derived from these letters as well as others written for the New York Herald, and the New York Tribune and of course his own journal. Possibly the single most important moment in Twain's life occurred because of a fellow passenger, Charles J. Langdon of Elmira, New York. He showed Twain a picture of his sister, Olivia. Twain (Clemens) married her in 1870.

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Departing Italy

From Greece to Constantinople

The Quaker City departed Constantinople 19 August, 1867, arriving in Sevastopol 21 August at 5am. It departed at 9 pm the same day, arriving in Odessa 22 August at 4 pm. The ship then departed for Yalta 24 August at 11 am, arriving 25 August at noon. A party from the ship visited Tsar Alexander II on the 26th. On the 28th the ship departed Russia returning to Constantinople.

Beirout, September 10, Tuesday The Quaker City has arrived in Beirout, Lebanon. The tourists were broken up into groups, Mark Twain's group was to take 'the long trip"

Quaker City Makes Port in Alexandria


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