Long Visits and other Residences, with journeys between.

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Samuel L. Clemens leaves home for the first time. He expects to be able to take care of himself in the big city, first St. Louis to earn enough for the trip to New York City. He gives Philadelphia a try and a brief visit to Washington DC. Financial difficulties arise in both Philadelphia and back in New York so he beats a hasty retreat back to the Mississippi.
From March of 1854 to April of 1857, Sam is back in Hannibal and Keokuk until he escapes down the river again. From April of 1857 to May of 1861 he learns the river and becomes a skilled river pilot, until the Civil War robs him of his profession. He heads west and becomes Mark Twain
Sam Clemens as Mark Twain, gains international recognition writing letters to the Daily Alta California while voyaging on the Quaker City steamship to Europe and the Holy Land, June to November of 1867
Sam travels from New York to Sacramento, crossing the Isthmus from Aspinall to Panama on a train. March 11 - April 2, 1868
Sam makes a short lecture tour through California and Nevada, April 17 - 29, 1868