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Why Twain's Geography

The premise of this site is the intersection between Mark Twain's travels and the places he visited. Currently all the sites I've mapped can already be found on my personal web site. I've been mapping these places as I developed my Mark Twain videos. These maps are secondary to that site. The main point there is to provide discussion of and links to my videos, almost all of which are on You Tube. My academic background is geography and my first significant career was as a professional cartographer. I love maps and I love Google Earth. It was only natural that I'd find a way to combine my fascination with Mark Twain and my love of maps. The main point of this site is the historical geography of the places Twain visited. I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out a design for this material. The most appropriate I could come up with was an on-line course format. I'm not associated with any institutions of higher learning, in fact I'm not associated with any source of funding or accreditation at all. In fact, I'm near broke and too old to start another career. I'm squeaking by working retail in a big box store. Consequently I'm using an open source system, Drupal, with a contributed module, Course. The site has Paypal donate buttons just in case someone feels generous.

Initially I was only going to include the North American Tour of 1895 but then got carried away thinking about all the other locations I had already mapped on my personal site. I've been entertaining vague notions of attracting the attention of some academic institution that might want to utilize this material or perhaps contract with me to develop something similar. I also had thoughts that perhaps users might want to enroll in courses offered for personally fulfillment. Anyway, it would be great if I could somehow find a way to earn a bit of money doing something I enjoy doing. I'm told it has been done before. I would have preferred to have remained a cartographer but just like Sam Clemens and his career as a river boat pilot, extenuating circumstances got in the way.

The North American Tour of 1895 is now a functional though woefully incomplete course. All the locations referred to in Roughing It have been mapped out as well as all the Overland Coach/Pony Express stations I could find out about. I'm now working my way through The Innocents Abroad but will leave it out of the main menu until I've gotten all the points mapped. If your curious go to my personal website and find the pages for The Innocents Abroad, as well as several other books. Should you wish to navigate this site log in as "guest" with a password "guest". If you would like to help in someway you can request an account on this site. I've been trying to get the OpenID module to work but so far no luck there. I'm also open for suggestions on improving the interface and on material to inlude.

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