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Stagecoach from St Joseph to Carson City.  Wherein he begins life in Washoe and is stricken with silver fever

  • Green River
    Sun Aug 04, 1861

    Crossed Green River. It is something like the Illinois, except that it is a very pretty clear river. The place we crossed was about 70 miles from the summit of the South Pass. Uinta mountains in sight, with snow on them, and portions of their summits hidden by the clouds. About 5 P. M arrived at Fort Bridger, on Black’s Fork of Green river, 52 miles from the crossing of Green river, about 120 miles from the South Pass, and 1025 miles from St. Joseph.

  • Echo Canyon, Over the Wasach and into Salt Lake City
    Mon Aug 05, 1861

    52 miles further on, near the head of Echo Canon, were encamped 60 soldiers from Camp Floyd. Yesterday they fired upon 300 or 400 Utes, whom they supposed gathered for no good purpose. The Indians returned the fire, when the soldiers chased them four miles, took four prisoners, talked with and released them, and then talked with their chief. Echo Canon is 20 miles long, with many sandstone cliffs, (red) in curious shapes, and often rising perpendicularly 400 feet.

  • Depart Salt Lake City
    Wed Aug 07, 1861

    Wednesday, August 7.  Depart Salt Lake City early morning.  

    Bathed in the warm spring. Mountains in the morning, Southwest and East enveloped in clouds.

  • Camp Floyd
    Thu Aug 08, 1861

    Arrived at Fort Crittenden—(Camp Floyd) 8 A.M., 45 miles from Salt Lake City. Arrived at the edge of the desert, 95 miles from Salt Lake City, at 4 P. M.


  • Fish Creek Station
    Fri Aug 09, 1861

    Friday, Aug. 9.—Sunrise. Across the desert, 45 miles, and at the commencement of the “little Desert.” 2 o’clock, across the little desert, 23 miles, and 163 miles from Salt Lake, being 68 miles across the two deserts, with only a spring at Fish Creek Station to seperate them. They are called deserts because there is no water in them. They are barren, but so is the balance of the route.

  • Rocky Canon - Echo Canyon
    Sat Aug 10, 1861

    Saturday, Aug 10. Arrived in the forenoon at the entrance of “Rocky Canon,” 255 miles from Salt Lake City.

  • Highest Point of the Journey
    Sun Aug 11, 1861

    Sunday, Aug 11.—Passed points declared by the driver to be the highest we had crossed. Saturday and Sunday nights were very cold, though the days were very warm.

  • Reese River
    Mon Aug 12, 1861

    Sent a telegraphy to Governor Nye from station at Reese River

  • Carson Sink
    Tue Aug 13, 1861

    Tuesday, Aug 13.—Arrived at Carson Sink where Carson river loses itself. It is a beautiful lake, 25 miles long by 15 wide, and 60 miles from Carson City.

  • Sam and Orion Arrive in Carson City
    Wed Aug 14, 1861

    "We arrived, disembarked, and the stage went on. It was a “wooden” town; its population two thousand souls. The main street consisted of four or five blocks of little white frame stores which were too high to sit down on, but not too high for various other purposes; in fact, hardly high enough. They were packed close together, side by side, as if room were scarce in that mighty plain."