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Twain lectures on the Sandwich Islands in California and Nevada.  He then crosses the peninsula and lectures in the midwest and New York. Shortly after, Sam embarks on the journey that will give him international notoriety, the Quaker City Excursion.

  • Arrived Carson City
    Fri Nov 02, 1866
  • Carson City Lecture
    Sat Nov 03, 1866

    Sam gave the “Sandwich Islands” lecture at Carson Theatre in Carson City.

  • Washoe City Lecture
    Wed Nov 07, 1866

    Sam gave the “Sandwich Islands” lecture at Washoe CityNevada 

  • Dayton Lecture
    Thu Nov 08, 1866

    Sam gave the “Sandwich Islands” lecture at Dayton, Nevada, probably at the Odeon Hall Saloon, where Sam sometimes drank and played billiards. He arrived in Virginia City “about 12 in the evening…from Dayton” [Clark 903].

  • Silver City Lecture
    Fri Nov 09, 1866

    Sam gave the “Sandwich Islands” lecture at Silver City, Nevada.

  • Gold Hill Lecture and Robbery at The Divide
    Sat Nov 10, 1866

    November 10 Saturday – Sam gave the “Sandwich Islands” lecture at the Gold Hill Theatre, Gold Hill, Nevada. After the lecture Sam and Denis McCarthy were the victims of a prank robbery on the one-mile highway between Gold Hill and Virginia City called “the divide.”

  • Departing Virginia City
    Mon Nov 12, 1866

    At noon, Sam and Denis McCarthy left Virginia City by the Pioneer Stage via Donner Lake route for San Francisco. Just as the stage was leaving from in front of the Wells Fargo office, the chief of police George Birdsall handed Sam a package containing his watch, money, two jackknives, corkscrew, toothpick, three lead pencils, and the masks worn by the “robbers.”

  • Arrived in San Francisco
    Tue Nov 13, 1866

    Sam arrived back in San Francisco at night 

  • Platt's Hall Lecture
    Fri Nov 16, 1866

    In front of 1,500 people in Platt’s HallSan Francisco, California, Sam gave a new lecture based on the ride west with Orion.

  • San Jose Lecture
    Wed Nov 21, 1866

    Sam gave the “Sandwich Islands” lecture at Armory Hall, San Jose, California.