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8/21/72 to 1/26/74

  • Queenstown, Ireland
    Mon Nov 17, 1873

    November 17 Monday – The City of Chester arrived at Queenstown, Ireland at 6 PM.

  • Arrived Liverpool
    Tue Nov 18, 1873

    November 18 Tuesday – Sam arrived in Liverpool. Either Sam got a hotel room that night or took a train to London 

  • Departing Liverpool
    Tue Jan 13, 1874

    January 13 Tuesday – Sam sent a dispatch to Livy that he was boarding the Parthia for home. Livy reported the contents of the note to Mollie Clemens and remarked that this was five days earlier than he’d expected to sail, probably due to his inability to secure lecture dates in Ireland. The Parthia left Liverpool [MTL 6: 20].

  • Arrived Boston
    Mon Jan 26, 1874

    January 26 Monday – The Parthia arrived in Boston [MTL 6: 20n1]. Evidently, nothing whatsoever happened on the voyage. One thing is certain, however—Sam smoked many cigars, made a few friends and did not get seasick. He may have stopped by James Redpath’s home or office upon his arrival to discuss those last lecture dates Sam intended to make. Sam spent the night in Boston.

  • Bermuda with Joe Twichell
    Sun May 20, 1877

    The second trip to Bermuda, accompanied by his good friend the Reverend Joseph Twichell, was from  Sunday, May 20 to Thursday, May 24, 1877.