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6/5/1891 - 5/10/1895

  • Depart Heidelberg for Lucerne
    Sat Sep 05, 1891

    September 5 Saturday – Sam’s notebook: Sept. 5. Left Heidelberg for Lucerne 8.50 a.m. 

  • Depart Lucerne for Interlaken
    Wed Sep 09, 1891

    September 9 Wednesday – Left Lucerne by boat, 9.45 a.m. Left Alpnach in two carriages at 10.45. Lunched at the Lion d’Or, at 1. p.m.; passed through Brienz mid-afternoon; glimpsed a small white peak of the Jungfrau at 6.10; at 6.30 the vast pile was in full view & from then till 7.10 it was richly tinted with pink, the other mountains very dark, nearly black. Meantime, reached Victoria Hotel, Interlaken 6.30, September 10.

  • Trip to Grindelwald
    Fri Sep 11, 1891

    September 11 Friday – Sam’s notebook (31 TS 5) reveals a side trip to Grindelwald, possibly on this day:

  • Depart Interlaken for Geneva
    Mon Sep 14, 1891

    September 14 Monday – Depart Interlaken and traveled back to Geneva, reaching there in the evening

  • Arrived Ouchy
    Thu Sep 17, 1891

    September 17 Thursday – Sam’s notebook: “Arrived at Ouchy Thursday, Sept. 17—noon” [NB 31 TS 5]. The Clemens party took rooms at the Grand Hotel Beau Rivage, Ouchy, Lausanne on Lake Leman [MTB 924].

  • Leaves family in Ouchy and begins Rhone River Trip
    Sat Sep 19, 1891

    September 19 Saturday –After installing the family in Ouchy, Sam left at 2 p.m. with Joseph Verey in the purchased boat and the first night stopped on an island in Lake Bourget, where they slept in the old castle of Châtillon in a room where Pope Celestin IV was born at the end of the eighth century [MTB 924; NB 31 TS 5-6; Aix-Les-Bains,etc.114 by Dr. Léon Brachet (1884) ].

  • On the Lake Bourget — just started.
    Sun Sep 20, 1891

    Sunday, 11 a.m. On the lake Bourget — just started. The castle of Chatillon high overhead showing above the trees. The lake is smooth as glass — a brilliant sun is shining. Our boat is comfortable and shady with its awning.

  • Near the village of Port-de-Groslee, France
    Mon Sep 21, 1891

    September 21 Monday – Near the village of Port-de-Groslee, France at 4:15 p.m.

  • Below Villebois at Noon
    Tue Sep 22, 1891

    September 22 Tuesday – On the Rhone River below Villebois at Noon

  • Sam reaches Lyon, France
    Wed Sep 23, 1891

    September 23 Wednesday – Sam reaches Lyon, France