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6/5/1891 - 5/10/1895

  • Menton, The French Riviera
    Thu Mar 03, 1892

    March 3 Thursday – On this day or the next the Clemens family arrived in Menton, France, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France on the border of Italy. Menton has the nickname, “the pearl of France.” The Mediterranean town boasts a warm micro-climate, with lemon, tangerine and orange groves.

  • Depart Menton for Pisa, Italy 
    Thu Mar 24, 1892

    March 24 Thursday – Sam and Livy left Menton for Pisa, Italy 

  • Pisa, Italy
    Fri Mar 25, 1892

    March 25 Friday – Sam and Livy were in Pisa, Italy. Sam’s notebook lists the Eden Hotel:

  • Pisa to Rome
    Sat Mar 26, 1892

    March 26 Saturday – Sam and Livy were in transit from Pisa to Rome, Italy.

  • In Rome
    Sun Mar 27, 1892

    March 27 Sunday – In Rome

  • From Rome to Florence
    Fri Apr 29, 1892

    April 29 Friday – The Clemens party left Rome and arrived in Florence, Italy

  • Probably in Venice
    Sat May 14, 1892

    May 14 Saturday – Based on a two-week stay in Florence, the Clemens family by now would have traveled on to Venice, Italy 

  • Venice to Lake Como
    Wed May 25, 1892

    May 25 Wednesday –
    The Clemens party left Venice and endured three days of relentlessly slow rail travel to the western shore of Lake Como and another health resort, Cadenabbia, Italy, another favorite haunt of the British.

  • Cadenabbia
    Fri May 27, 1892

    May 27 Friday – The Clemens party arrived in Cadenabbia, where they would relax for a week. 

  • Cadenabbia to Lucerne.
    Thu Jun 02, 1892

    June 2 Thursday – Sam’s notebook in transit from Cadenabbia to Lucerne.