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6/5/1891 - 5/10/1895

  • Elmira to Chicago
    Mon Jun 27, 1892

    June 27 Monday – In Elmira he took an afternoon train headed for Chicago. The trip west likely took all night and part of the next day.

  • In Transit, Chicago to New York and Hartford
    Wed Jun 29, 1892

    June 29 Wednesday – Sam left Chicago by train for New York and Hartford 

  • Hartford
    Fri Jul 01, 1892

    July 1 Friday – In Hartford

  • At the Glenham Hotel in New York,
    Sat Jul 02, 1892

    July 2 Saturday  – At the Glenham Hotel in New York,

  • Sailed for Bremen, Germany
    Tue Jul 05, 1892

    July 5 Tuesday – In the afternoon, Sam sailed again for Bremen, Germany on the S.S. Lahn.

  • Sam reached Bremen and continued on to Bad Nauheim
    Thu Jul 14, 1892

    July 14 Thursday – On or about this day the SS. Lahn reached Bremen. Shortly, Sam continued on to Bad Nauheim to rejoin Livy.

  • A Trip to Frankfort On the Main
    Mon Aug 15, 1892

    August 15 Monday – On this day or the next, the family took a trip to Frankfort On the Main, Germany, a short seventeen miles to the south from Bad Nauheim [Aug 9 to Ross].

  • Joe Twichell in Bad Nauheim
    Fri Aug 19, 1892

    August 19 Friday – The Twichells arrived in Bad Nauheim for a visit [Aug. 23 to Orion].

  • Sam and Joe go to Homburg
    Sat Aug 20, 1892

    August 20 Saturday – Sam and Joe Twichell went to Homburg, which Sam called “the great pleasure resort,”

  • Return to Bad Nauheim
    Sun Aug 21, 1892

    August 21 Sunday –Sam and Joe Twichell returned to Bad Nauheim later this day [Aug. 22 to Depew].