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6/5/1891 - 5/10/1895

  • Sam heads for the States
    Tue Mar 21, 1893

    March 21, 1893 Tuesday - Mark Twain departs Florence for the States.

  • Sam Sails for Genoa
    Sat May 13, 1893

    May 13 Saturday – At 10 a.m. the SS Kaiser Wilhelm II sailed for Genoa, Italy with Sam on board.

  • Arrives Genoa
    Thu May 25, 1893

    May 25 Thursday– Sam reached Genoa on the Kaiser Wilhelm II. His notebook gives 7 p.m. as the time of arrival [NB 33 TS 13]. Note: He spent the night in Genoa as he did when going to the US.

  • Genoa to Florence
    Fri May 26, 1893

    May 26 Friday – Left for Florence 12.32 p.m. Friday, first class (about 30 fr.) in a car that goes through ohne Umsteigen [NB 33 TS 13].  Sam did not reach Florence until May 27;

  • Mark Twain returns to Florence.
    Sat May 27, 1893

    May 27, 1893 Saturday -  Mark Twain returns to Florence.

  • Depart Villa Viviani
    Thu Jun 15, 1893

    June 15 Thursday – In Sam’s June 20 to Susan Crane Sam wrote they’d left the Villa on this day; but in his notebook he gave 6 p.m. Friday, June 17, even though Friday was June 16 [NB 33 TS 18].
    June 16 Friday – Sam’s notebook:  Left the Villa Viviani at 6 p.m. Friday. June 17 [Friday was June 16]. Dined & stayed at Dr. Wilberforce Baldwin’s, 1 Via Palestro [NB 33 TS 18].

  • Florence to Bologna
    Sat Jun 17, 1893

    June 17 Saturday – Sam’s notebook reveals the Clemenses travel: Saturday, left at 2.30 p.m., went to Bologna in 3 hours. Stopped over Sunday in Hotel Brun, an old palace with beautiful ceilings & mosaic floors. Fearfully noisy all night. Leaning towers [NB 33 TS 18].

  • To Verona and Trient
    Mon Jun 19, 1893

    June 19 Monday– Sam’s notebook reveals the Clemenses next travel leg to Verona and Trient:  Monday, left at 10.30, got to Verona at 3.20. Visited tombs of the Scaligers; window in Monastery where Dante wrote part of the Divine Comedy; quaint & fine old staircase; passed house of the Capulets. At 4.40 very hot, no good hotel — went on to Trient, arriving at 8.05. Hotel Trient — excellent. Took an uninteresting drive

  • Trient to Innsbruck
    Wed Jun 21, 1893

    Wednesday, left [Trient] at 7.20 — church-bells going like mad from 4.30 till 6.30 — came to Innsbruck by Brenner Pass in about 5½ hours, in an observation-car — first class tickets. All glass — that is, 2 sides & one end; 11 sail-cloth uncomfortable chairs — pile of camp-stools in a corner. Very dirty oil-cloth on floor.
         The Clemens family arrived in Innsbruck and took rooms in the Hotel Tirol — “cookery the best in Europe” [NB 33 TS 19]. This was Sam’s second visit to Austria. The family stayed until June 24 [Dolmetsch, MT Encyc. “Austria (Austria-Hungary)” 49].

  • From Innsbruck to Munich
    Sat Jun 24, 1893

    June 24 Saturday – Sam’s notebook reveals the trip from Innsbruck to Munich:  Left at noon Saturday 24th & came in 4 hours to Munich through a lovely valley — bordered by lovely mountains & the swift Inn — the very dirtiest 1st class compartment in Europe. / Stopped at the Rheinischehof, a fine & expensive hotel, which is to have its electric light apparatus completed & working “next winter!” Pretty swift elevator, but with the old-fashioned rope propulsion. W.C.’s [water closets] of almost the most ancient pattern others of the newest [NB 33 TS 19].