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June 2 Thursday – Sam’s notebook in transit from Cadenabbia to Lucerne.
June 3 Friday – The Clemens family rested in Lucerne, Switzerland [NB 31 TS 50].
June 4 Saturday – Sam’s notebook:  The Clemenses proceeded on to Frankfurt, Germany, where they took rooms at the Schwan Hotel [NB 31 TS 50].
June 5 Sunday – The Clemenses rested in Frankfurt, Germany at the Schwan Hotel [NB 31 TS 50].
June 6 Monday – The Clemenses left Frankfurt; Sam listed concerns in his notebook:
Left for Bad Nauheim at 12.37, after missing 1.05 train (express) through Joseph’s misinformation. / from here, 9 arr at Munich 2 stunden; Frankfurt, 8 from here Snellzug 2 hour in Frankft — 8 pm Munich. / Ask at Sommerhof’s for a physician. 12M. & 5 M.[arks] / Also what is his fee? / Shave. Cigars / Inquire about Clara’s ticket. / Shoes. Knife. / Can L. use my letter of credit? / About my date & train to Bremen / Tobacco. / No. 43. Night of 8th. Berlin to B Nauheim [NB 31 TS 51-2].

June 10 Friday – In Bad Nauheim, Germany


Fears, David. 2014. “Mark Twain Day By Day”.


This period of time is unclear.  From Cadenabbia to Frankfurt is obvious but where he went before arriving at Bad Nauheim is confusing.  Perhaps he/they accompanied Clara to Berlin.  Why Munich?