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28 July - 31 August 1860

July 28 Saturday – Sam piloted the Arago (268 tons), co-pilot J.W. Hood, Captain George P. Sloan. The boat left St. Louis on this date bound for Vicksburg.

August 3 Friday – The Arago arrived in Vicksburg.

August 4 Saturday – The Arago Left Vicksburg for Cairo, Illinois. August 10 Friday – Sam witnessed the aurora borealis (“it was very beautiful, but it did not last very long”) and mentions it in his letter the following day.

August 11 Saturday – The Arago arrived in Cairo. Sam wrote from Cairo, Illinois to Susan I. (Belle) Stotts, sister of Orion’s wife, Mollie.

August 12 Sunday – The Arago left for New Orleans.

August 20 Monday – The Arago arrived in New Orleans.

August 22 Wednesday – The Arago left for St. Louis.

August 31 Friday – The Arago arrived in St. Louis.