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"During February the engagements grew spotty again, though they took him erratically through Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York."  (Lorch pg 96).

Twain departed Cleveland for Elmira February 2 and arrived on the 4th.  He departed Elmira on the 12th, arriving in Cleveland on the 13th.

February 12 - 18, 1869:  Ravenna, Ohio; Alliance, Ohio; Titusville, Pennsylvania; Franklin, Pennsylvania

February 12 Friday  – Sam left  Elmira  “at the last minute” that evening and slept overnight on the train back to  Cleveland.

February 13 Saturday  –  Sam wrote from  Cleveland  to  Livy.
“(10AM) I have been here two hours in a splendid state of exasperation. I went to bed in the cars at half past nine, last night & slept like a log until 7 this morning, & woke up thoroughly refreshed” [MTL 3:  88].

February 13 - Cleveland to Pittsburgh Railroad, 34 miles to Ravenna, Ohio

February 15 - Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad, 17 miles to Alliance, Ohio

February 16 - Twain traveled back to Ravenna then to Cleveland.  From Cleveland, the Cleveland, Painseville and Ashtabula Railroad, 79 miles to Girard and 15 miles from Girard to Erie on an unnamed railroad.  From Erie to Corry, the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad, 35 miles.  From Corry, 25 miles to Titusville and another 23 miles to Franklin on unnamed railroads.  Corinthian Hall, Titusville, Pennsylvania

February 16 Tuesday  –  Sam wrote from  Titusville, Pennsylvania  to  Livy
... I left  Ravenna about noon, Monday, for Alliance—lectured there that night—sat up till 2 in the morning (because no porter at hotel to call me,) & returned on a coal train to Ravenna—got to the Ravenna hotel just at 4 o’clock in the morning—went to bed for one hour & a half & then got up half asleep & started in the early train for this Titusville section of country—had to wait from 1 P.M. till 5, at Corry, Pa., 

“SLC to Olivia L. Langdon, 17 Feb 1869, Titusville, Pa. (UCCL 00255).” In  Mark Twain’s Letters, 1869.

February 17 - Franklin, Pennsylvania

February 18 Franklin

Twain then returned to Elmira.


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