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August 23, 1853 Sam Clemens first passed through Buffalo on his way to New York.  August of 1869, he had bought into the Buffalo Express and became a resident of the city.  He lived in an East Swan Street boardinghouse near the newspaper, thenm went on a lecture tour.  Returning to Buffalo as a married man, he moved into a furnished house at 472 Delaware Avenue.

Then came a string of disasters:  His father-in-law died;  a pregnant Livy fell ill and her friend Emma Nye, who came to nurse her, died from typhoid fever.  Langdon Clemens was born prematurely and both he a Livy became ill.  "Exhausted after their first year in Buffalo, he and Livy put their house and Express interests up for sale on March 2, 1871.  Two weeks later, they went to Elmira, ..."

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