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42° 33' 49" N , 84° 50' 9" W

CHARLOTTE own Michigan Central Grand Rapids Division and Chicago & Grand Trunk Railroads 35 miles from Jackson 59 miles from Grand Rapids 26 miles from Battle Creek 112 miles from Detroit 18 miles from Lansing Population 3,500 County Seat of Eaton County Good Agricultural section iine Ash and Walnut Lumber region and Mercantile interests SAMPSON HALL Size of stage 22 x24 Seating capacity 900 Eight sets of scenery Rent one night $15 two nights $25 three nights $30 one week $50 License 82 Will share with good attractions Address AH Sleater Manager or Homer Green Agent Seats sold at Western Union Telegraph Ofiice HOTELS Phoenix House Sherwood House NE WS PAPER S Republican and Leader published weekly BILL POSTER Address AH Sleater An Orchestra available American Express 

Jno. B. Jeffery's Guide and Directory to the Opera Houses, Theatres, Public Halls, Bill Posters, Etc. of the Cities and Towns of America  Jeffery, 1883