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42° 2' 30" N , 104° 9' 54" W

A number of sources identify Cold Springs as a Pony Express station, and give the location of this site as being about two miles southeast of Torrington, Wyoming. It should be noted that the site of this station also served as the grounds for the signing of the Horse Creek Treaty. A French-Canadian trader named Reynal managed operations at Spring Ranch with his Indian wife and daughter. Pawnees had held him prisoner in his younger days as a trader and later adopted him as a tribal son. It should be noted that Loving and Bloss list Torrington as a separate station after Cold Springs/Spring Ranch. However, since Cold Springs possibly existed two miles southeast of the town of Torrington, the settlement's name may serve as another name for the Cold Springs Station. (NPS)

Locating the signing of the Horse Creek Treaty at Cold Springs Ranch Station is based on a letter fro Paul Henderson to J.G. Masters, 17 April 1938. This location is in disagreement with a different NPS article, found on their site for the Scotts Bluff Monument. This reference places the location of the signing at the mouth of Horse Creek, where it joins the North Platte.