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40° 54' 22" N , 111° 35' 27" W

Identified in the 1861 mail contract, local people also knew East Canyon Station as Dixie Hollow, Dixie Creek, Bauchmanns, and Snyder's Mill. Mr. Bauchmann and James McDonald managed station operations at the stone structure. Travelers and sheepherders used the station site as late as 1881. Today, the East Canyon Reservoir covers the historic site. Bishop and Henderson listed East Canyon as a station between Wheaton Springs and Mountain Dale.
Several other sources identify Dixie Creek as a station. Bloss locates the station between Carson House and Snyder's Mill. The Settles mention the site as a relay station before Big Mountain. Pierson places Dixie Creek between Henefer and Big Canyon, while Carter identifies the site somewhere between Weber and Bauchmann's. Kate B. Carter also identifies Bauchmann's as a station somewhere between Dixie Creek and Mountain Dell.
In 1853, according to Fike and Headley, Snyder's Settlement (Snyderville) and Snyder's Sawmill sprang up several miles south of the Snyder residence. When Captain Albert Tracy spent a night at Snyder's home (between 1858 and 1860), he mistakenly identified it as Snyder's Mill. Several other sources mention Snyder's Mill as a station. Loving places it between Echo Canyon and Daniels, while Bloss locates the site between Dixie Creek and Big Canyon. The Settles identify Snyder's Mill, also known as Big Canyon, at the foot of Big Mountain's western slope. Ephraim Hanks, a Mormon Danite and relative of Abraham Lincoln, managed station operations there. (NPS)