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At 9 A.M . Sam wrote from Detroit, Michigan to Livy, whose last letter transmitted a hint by some Hartford charity for Cable to perform for their benefit. Sam wanted no part of trying to coax or persuade Cable to donate his time. “I imagine that if a charity wants his in-his-opinion-almighty aid that charity will have to pay dollars for it.” Sam didn’t want Livy to allow herself, “to be in any way, directly or indirectly, concerned in the applying to him.” Sam recalled that Cable had charged a charity in New Orleans, and believed “he wouldn’t read in Heaven for nothing” [MTP].

Sam took the train for Canada where he and Cable gave a reading in London, Canada. In the audience were 151 girls, by Sam’s estimate, from Helmuth Female College [Cardwell 61]. After the lecture, Sam met many of the girls as well as the principal, who offered to send a sleigh for Sam and Cable in the morning if he would visit the college. Sam agreed [Feb. 15 to Susy Clemens]. Cable wrote that this reading was in the Y.M.C.A. hall [Turner, MT & GWC 104].