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40° 5' 8" N , 112° 41' 7" W

Although a telegraph relay station, operated by David E. “Pegleg” Davis, was located here in late 1861, the existence of a Pony Express relay station is a matter of debate. No contract or mail company schedule mentions a station at Government Creek. But the distance and topography between Simpson and Lookout would make this a logical location for a change of ponies, and it is speculated that the telegraph station may have been placed there because of buildings already standing. The transcontinental telegraph was in operation through this area until 1869 when it was moved north to parallel the new transcontinental railroad. Nothing remains.(Expedition Utah)

Fike and Headley list this station eight miles from Point Lookout. Also known as Davis Station and Government Well, because the army dug a well at the site, the station's function on the Pony Express route remains uncertain because it did not appear on the 1861 government contract. A rock foundation still existed at the site as late as 1978. In late 1861, David E. "Pegleg" Davis operated a telegraph station at Government Creek. This telegraph station operated until 1869. Fike and Headley suggest the telegraph office came to Government Creek because buildings already existed there. (NPS)