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41° 52' 49" N , 109° 48' 32" W

Note: point plotted at the Lombard Ferry Oregon Train Interpretive Center

Located 15 miles from Big Timber Station and 20 miles from Ham’s Fork Station on the west bank of Green River above the mouth of Big Sandy Creek. McCarthy was Station Tender. (Expedition Utah)

Key sources generally agree on the identity of Green River as a station, near an early fording area of the river. Green River served as a home station for both the stage lines and Pony riders. Richard Burton discusses the Green River Station at great length in his travel journal. (NPS)

"At the Green River station we had breakfast—hot biscuits, fresh antelope steaks, and coffee—the only decent meal we tasted between the United States and Great Salt Lake City, and the only one we were ever really thankful for.
Think of the monotonous execrableness of the thirty that went before it, to leave this one simple breakfast looming up in my memory like a shot- tower after all these years have gone by!"
(Roughing It)