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41° 35' 25" N , 109° 58' 10" W

Located 20 miles from Green River Station and 20 miles from Millersville Station at the west boundary of the present day town of Granger (where Ham’s Fork flows into the Green River). David Louis was Station Tender. Michael Martin’s Station was between Green River Station and Ham’s Fork Station and Church Buttes Station was between Ham’s Fork Station and Millersville Station. The Granger Pony Express Station was located off US30 just west of Little America on I80. Ruins and a monument now mark the location. (Expedition Utah)

Historical sources agree on the identity of Ham's Fork as a station, including the 1861 mail contract. David Lewis, a Scottish Mormon, managed station operations with his two wives and large family. Franzwa lists Ham's Fork Crossing in his Oregon Trail maps, but he does not specifically identify it as any type of station. (NPS)