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42° 36' 21" N , 106° 57' 48" W

Located 14 miles from Willow Springs Station and 12 miles from Sweetwater Pony Express Station on east bank of Horse Creek and just north of the old Emigrant Road.
(Expedition Utah)

Several sources list Horse Creek as a station, including the 1861 Overland Mail Company contract. Gregory Franzwa specifically identifies Horse Creek as a Pony Express station in his Oregon Trail maps. Little more is known about this station site. (NPS)

"Just beyond the breakfast-station we overtook a Mormon emigrant train of thirty-three wagons; and tramping wearily along and driving their herd of loose cows, were dozens of coarse-clad and sad-looking men, women and children, who had walked as they were walking now, day after day for eight lingering weeks, and in that time had compassed the distance our stage had come in eight days and three hours—seven hundred and ninety- eight miles! They were dusty and uncombed, hatless, bonnetless and ragged, and they did look so tired!
After breakfast, we bathed in Horse Creek, a (previously) limpid, sparkling stream—an appreciated luxury, for it was very seldom that our furious coach halted long enough for an indulgence of that kind. We changed horses ten or twelve times in every twenty-four hours—changed mules, rather—six mules—and did it nearly every time in four minutes. It was lively work. As our coach rattled up to each station six harnessed mules stepped gayly from the stable; and in the twinkling of an eye, almost, the old team was out, and the new one in and we off and away again."
(Roughing It)