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41° 45' 20" N , 109° 53' 43" W

Several notable sources identify Michael Martin's as a station, including Gregory Franzwa, who places it on his Oregon Trail maps as approximately ten or so miles southwest of Green River Station. Michael Martin, a French-Canadian, managed station operations at his trading post, where he sold a wide variety of items. Richard Burton mentions that Michael Martin had a store there, and that in 1860 his stage stopped there for a short rest, making it highly likely that the Pony Express stopped there. However, Bishop and Henderson point out that the 1861 U. S. mail contract did not identify it as a station, indicating it may have been eliminated as a station by March 1861. (NPS)

After the preliminary squabble with the mules we forded the pebbly and gravelly bed of the river in parts it looks like a lake exhausted by drainage whose swift surging waters wetted the upper spokes of the wheels and gurgled pleasantly around the bags which contained the mail for Great Salt Lake City