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This part of the Fellow Savages tour began with the trip from Washington D.C. to Meriden, Connecticut.  Reportedly, Twain did spend part of December 10 and 11 in New York City.  He would have departed Washington D.C.  on the Northern Central,; from Baltimore to Philadelphia aboard the Philadelphia, Wilmington and BaltimorePhiladelphia and Reading through Philadelphia to the Philadelphia and Trenton line which would have taken him to Trenton.  From Trenton to New York City there is a complicated series of line involving the Camden and Amboy, the New Jersey, and the New Jersey Central.

From New York City to West Meriden:  New York and New Haven to New Haven; then the New Haven, Hartford and Springfield to Meriden.

December 11 - Town Hall, West Meriden, Connecticut

A short trip north on the New Haven, Hartford and Springfield.

December 13 - Union Hall, New Britain, Connecticut

Afterwards, Sam took a train for Springfield, Mass., where he spent the night.   The train would have been the New Haven, Hartford and Springfield Railroad.  He would then have taken the Western Railroad to Warren.

December 14 - Warren, Massachusetts

From Warren to Pawtucket the most likely route would have been to continue on the Western Railroad to Worcester and then on the Providence and Worcester to Pawtucket.

December 15 - Armory Hall, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

The route to Waltham would most likely have gone through Boston.  This would involve the Providence and Worcester for a short distance then the Boston and Providence Railroad to Boston.  From Boston he possibly took a short step on the Boston and Maine and then on the Fitchburg Railroad to Waltham.

December 16 - Rumford Institute, Waltham, Massachusetts

December 17 Friday  Sam wrote from Boston to his sister, Pamela Moffett

The Boston and Providence Railroad to Canton.

December 20 - Canton, Massachusetts

Twain would have returned to Boston and boarded the Boston and Worcester to Southborough, then the Marlborough Branch Railroad to Hudson.

December 21 - Hudson, Massachusetts

A return to Boston then on to Portland, Maine.  The railroads in 1869 would have been the Boston and Maine, Manchester and Lawrence; and the Portland, Saco and Portsmouth.  The USGS quads from the 1890's indicate the entire route as the Boston and Maine RR Western Division.

December 22 - Mercantile Library, Portland, Maine

Portland, Saco and Portsmouth ran from Portland to Dover. The Boston and Maine, from Dover to Lawrence; and the Manchester and Lawrence from Lawrence to near Ballardvale. There is then an unnamed line from Ballardvale to Gloucester not found on aUSGS quad maps.  The USGS maps show the Boston and Maine Western Division line from Boston to Portland, as it had apparently absorbed the predecessor lines by this time. To get from the Western Division line to Rockport, the USGS maps show two possible routes, but I cannot tell if they existed in 1869. One is to take the Portsmouth and Dover, then the Boston and Maine Eastern Division from Portsmouth to Salem. At Beverly, Twain would have changed trains to the Gloucester Branch, which approximates the unamed line.  A second possible route would be the Salem and Lawrence Railroad. Then changing to the Gloucester branch of the Boston and Maine.

From Rick Nowell, Archives Chairman Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society:  I think MT could have done it this way:
Portland, Me. to Portsmouth, N.H. via Portland, Saco & Portsmouth RR. At the time of the trip, 1869, PS&P was under lease jointly to the Boston and Maine and Eastern RRs, so I think it was still operating as PS&P. Later PS&P was leased to Eastern and operated under the latter name.
Portsmouth, N.H.. to Beverly, Mass. via Eastern RR. The trip from Portland to Beverly was likely made without change of train. Change trains at Beverly.
Beverly, Mass. to Rockport, Mass. via Eastern RR.

December 23 - Town Hall, Rockport, Massachusetts

From Rockport Twain would have returned to Boston.  From Boston to Slatersville, RI the journey would have begun on the Norfolk County RR to Needham.  The 1870 kml files have an unnamed line running to just north of Slatersville.  The USGS maps indicate the New York, New Haven and Hartford Midland Divison and the Boston and Pascoag Lines to Woonsocket.  Twain would have needed to have local transportation to Slatersville, maybe five miles.

December 24 - Slatersville, Rhode Island

December 24 Friday  Sam lectured (“Savages”)  in New Hall, Slatersville, Rhode Island. Sam had been scheduled to lecture in Salem on this Christmas Eve, but changed to Slatersville to fill in for his sick friend, Josh Billings [MTL 3: 438n3].

December 25 Saturday  Christmas  Sam wrote from Boston to Livy wishing her a happy Christmas.

The trip to New Haven would likely have taken the Boston and Worcester to Worcester, the Western to Springfield then the New Haven, Hartford and Springfield to New Haven.  Twain stopped in Hartford on his way to New Haven and "bummed around" with Joe Twichell.

December 27 - Music Hall, New Haven, Connecticut

Twain departed New Haven for New York on a coastal steamer.  It is possible this was on the steamer Continental which belonged to the New Haven Steamboat Company