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November 9 - Harrington's Opera House, Providence, Rhode Island

November 10 - Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts

November 11 - Trinity Church, Charlestown, Massachusetts

November 13 - Norwich, Connecticut

Possible Venue:  in 1842, a group gathered primarily from Norwich’s Second Congregational Church formed a new congregation which met in the town hall until their own church building was constructed on Main Street in 1845. Known as the Main Street Congregational Church, they eventually built a new building on Broadway after the Main Street structure was destroyed by fire in 1854. The Broadway Congregational Church, a much larger building than the first, was built in the Romanesque Revival style between 1855 and 1857.

November 14 Sunday – Clemens stayed another night in Norwich. See Nov. 15 to Livy.

November 15 - Clinton Hall, Clinton, Massachusetts


Here I am in a hotel—the Clinton House—& a villainous one it is—shabby bed, shabby room, shabby furniture, dim lights—everything shabby & disagreeable [MTL 3: 395]. Note: This letter shows that Sam stayed over in Norwich two nights.

November 16 - Holyoke, Massachusetts

I left Boston without baggage, thinking I would go back there from Norwich the same night—but the trains left at such inconvenient hours that I went from there to Clinton—found a similar state of things — came straight here. But as I am clear out of shirts (wore this one yesterday) I shall take an early train to Boston tomorrow before I go to Danvers.

November 17 - Gothic Hall, Danvers, Massachusetts

November 19 - Town Hall, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

In Boston Nov 20

November 23 - Allyn Hall, Hartford, Connecticut

November 26 - Unidentified town (mentioned in a letter from SLC to Olivia Clemens)

November 29 - Congregational Church, Newtonville, Massachusetts

November 30 - Thompsonville, Connecticut