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Reminiscences of Some Uncommon Characters I Have Chanced to Meet: featuring Artemus Ward; Dick Baker the quartz miner; Riley the journalist; then king of mthe Sandwich Islands; etc.  "A reporter for the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Daily Times claimed that the lecture was made up almost entirely of humorous incidents from Innocents Abroad,..."

October 16 - Moravian Day School Hall, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. "Uncommonplace Characters"

October 17 - Opera House, Allentown, Pennsylvania. "Uncommonplace Characters"

October 18 - Music Hall, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. "Uncommonplace Characters"

Twain abandoned this lecture after only three performances.  To his wife he confided - "This lecture will never do. I hate it and won't keep it."  In Washington - "He spent the weekend furiously writing a new lecture, confining himself to only one of the uncommon characters he had met, Artemus Ward."  

October 23 - Lincoln Hall, Washington, D. C. - "Artemus Ward"

October 24 - Institute Hall, Wilmington, Delaware - "Artemus Ward"

October 25 - Odd Fellows Hall, Norristown, Pennsylvania - "Artemus Ward"

October 27 - Sumner Hall, Great Barrington, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

After his Great Barrington lecture of Friday, 27 October, Clemens had a free weekend. Probably he spent it in Hartford, about sixty miles away, before keeping his engagements in Brattleboro, Vermont, and Milford, on 30 and 31 October, respectively.  SLC to OLC, 31 Oct 1871, Milford, Mass. (UCCL 00668), n. 2. 

October 30 - Brattleboro, Vermont - "Artemus Ward"

October 31 - Milford, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"


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