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November 1 - Academy of Music, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There are questionable dates for November 2 in Sharon or Brookville, PA, November 3 in Johnstown, PA and November 8 in Worcester, MA   Lecture Schedule, 1868–1870, (MTDP 00329), n. 1. 

November 2 Tuesday  Sam lectured in Brookville, Pennsylvania – As reported by the Pittsburgh Gazette [MTL 3: 385].

November 3 Wednesday  Sam lectured in Johnstown, Pennsylvania [MTL 3: 385].

Note: It is possible that Sam did not speak in Brookville or Johnstown – more newspaper evidence might confirm. Letters Sam wrote Livy between Nov. 6 and 9 (Livy’s numbers 129-132) are lost [MTL 3: 391n4].