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October 9 Friday – In their winter quarters at 7 Körnerstrasse, Berlin,

December 18 Friday – Sam left Berlin with William Phelps and traveled 125 miles south to Dresden

December 19 Saturday – Sam may have stayed overnight in Dresden or returned late Dec. 18.

December 31 Thursday – Sam’s notebook:  The family arrived in their quarters at the Hotel Royal 1.30 p.m. 

January 4 Monday – Sam and Livy left the girls with Sue Crane at the Hotel Royal and traveled to Ilsenburg, Germany in the Hartz Mountains

January 10 Sunday – or  January 12 Tuesday – The Clemenses left Ilsenburg for Berlin [NB 31 TS 21]. At the Hotel Royal,

February 29 Monday – Sam and Livy left the children to their studies in Berlin for the sunnier climes of the French Riviera and a three week rest to regain their health. According to Sam’s Feb. 26 to McClure, they took “3 or 4 days” to arrive, or by Mar. 3 or 4. The distance is nearly a thousand miles from Berlin to the Riviera, so they undoubtedly rested one or two nights along the way [Feb. 26 to McClure; Mar. 21 to Moffett]

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