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England to Home Again – Sketches No. 1 Flop – Orion the Chicken-Rancher Colonel Sellers Stars on Broadway – Clara “Bay” Clemens Born – Elmira Summer Dream House Built – Fredonia Visit – Hike to Boston with Twichell “Old Times on the Mississippi” – Atlantic Monthly Breakthrough Typewriter for Genius – Reformed Lecturer  Day By Day

Hartford Life – Pirates of Sellers Play – Queer Letters – Beecher Trial –Tom Sawyer Sketches New & Old – Gondour – De Quille’s Bonanza Book – Dreaming of a River Trip Drunk Wet Nurse – Baseball, Umbrellas & a Boy’s Body – Chasing Down Gill Bateman’s Point & Bowling History – Moncure Conway  Day By Day

1601 – Started on Huck Finn – Ah Sin & Bret Harte – West Point – Tom Sawyer Praised Skeleton Stories – Conway as Agent – John Marshall & Henry Disinterred – Sam on Stage Centennial in Philly – Advice to American Publishing Co. – Hayes & Torchlight Parades Political Speeches – Tauchnitz – Belford Pirates – Readings in New England Jabberwock Auctioneer – Crazy Isabella

Day By Day

  • Mon Jan 26, 1874
    January 26 Monday – The Parthia arrived in Boston [MTL 6: 20n1]. Evidently, nothing whatsoever happened on the voyage. One thing is certain, however—Sam smoked many cigars, made a few friends and did not get seasick. He may have stopped by James Redpath’s home or office upon his arrival to discuss those last lecture dates Sam intended to make. Sam spent the night in Boston.
  • Tue Jan 27, 1874
    January 27 Tuesday – Sam reached Hartford, Livy, baby Susy, and home. Livy put the stops to Sam’s plans to immediately lecture in New York and Boston (or so Sam claimed) [MTL 6: 21].
  • Mon Feb 16, 1874
    February 16 Monday – Sam gave a dinner speech at the Wilkie Collins Dinner, at the St. James Hotel in Boston. The Boston Evening Transcript: Feb. 17, 1874:
  • Wed Feb 18, 1874
    February 18 Wednesday – Sam probably returned to Hartford on this day [MTL 6: 36n1].
  • Thu Mar 05, 1874

    March 5 Thursday – Sam gave the “Roughing It” lecture in Horticultural Hall, Boston [MTPO].

    March 6 Friday – Sam returned alone to Hartford, perhaps after luncheon at the Aldrich home.

  • Wed Apr 15, 1874
    April 15 Wednesday – Sam and Livy left Hartford for Elmira, stopping in New York where they stayed two nights at the new Windsor Hotel. There they met Mary Mason Fairbanks and her son Charley [MTL 6: 109n2].
  • Fri Apr 17, 1874
    April 17 Friday – Sam and Livy continued on to Mrs. Langdon’s in Elmira, where they stayed until May 5 and then moved to Quarry Farm with Susan and Theodore Crane [MTL 6: 47n1].
  • Mon May 18, 1874

    May 18 Monday – Sam boarded a train for New York. He arrived at 9 PM and stayed one night at the Astor House.

    May 19 Tuesday – Sam returned to Elmira in the morning [MTL 6: 149 letter to Seaver].

  • Mon Jun 29, 1874
    June 29 Monday – Sam left for a quick trip to Hartford, primarily to inspect the progress of the new house. He first went to New York City, where he stayed at the St. Nicholas Hotel for two and possibly three nights before traveling on to Hartford. Sam probably spent time with John Hay and William A. Seaver, whom he’d promised to visit. Also in New York was William Ritenour Denny, who Sam knew from the Quaker City excursion [MTL 6: 170-1]. Nearly half an inch of rain fell on NYC [].
  • Tue Jun 30, 1874

    June 30–July 1 Wednesday – Sam was in New York City. On one of these days he took the train to Hartford [MTL 6: 170-1].

    July 1 to July 4 Saturday– Sam was in Hartford and left on July 4. He registered at the St. Nicholas Hotel in New York on July 4. While in Hartford, Sam probably visited the American Publishing Co.. He also visited the Hartford Accident Insurance Co., a startup to rival Travelers Insurance Co.