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  • Wed Sep 03, 1879
    September 3 Wednesday – After spending one night in New York, the Clemens family took the train for the ten-hour trip to Elmira. As was their habit, they took a hotel car.
  • Wed Sep 10, 1879
    September 10 Wednesday – Sam and Livy made a quick trip to Fredonia to visit Sam’s mother, and sister Pamela Moffett. They left the children at Quarry Farm with the Cranes. (Referenced by Sam’s letter to Pamela of Sept. 15) [MTLE 4: 98]. Susan Crane gave the exact date in a June 14, 1911 letter to Paine [The Twainian, Nov.-Dec.1956 p4]. They stopped in Buffalo and called on David Gray, who wasn’t home [Sept. 13 from Gray].
  • Tue Oct 21, 1879
    October 21 to 24 Friday – The Clemens family spent these days in New York.
  • Tue Oct 21, 1879
    October 21 Tuesday – The Clemens family left Elmira and Quarry Farm and went to New York, staying a day or two before leaving for Hartford [MTLE 4: 111]. Note: Susan Crane in a 1911 letter to Paine gave the date the Clemens family left Quarry Farm as Oct. 10, but several letters from Elmira by Sam after that date show they stayed with the Langdons in town from Oct. 10 to 21, as they often did upon arriving or before leaving the area [The Twainian, Nov.-Dec.1956 p4].
  • Fri Oct 24, 1879
    October 24 Friday – After a seventeen month absence, the Clemens family returned home to Hartford and their Farmington Avenue house [MTLE 4: 111, 115].
  • Sat Nov 08, 1879
    November 8 Saturday – Sam left Hartford with George Warner, both bound for Chicago [MTLE 4: 130]. He stopped in New York, where Dan Slote told him that the scrapbook business was “booming—can’t fill the orders” [134].
  • Sun Nov 09, 1879
    November 9 Sunday – Sam wrote en route (“In a hotel-car, 300 miles west of Philadelphia, 11.30 Sunday morning”) from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, to Livy. He would telegraph her from Pittsburgh, he wrote. He liked the sleeping car and his breakfast, and hoped she had slept well, but was afraid she didn’t. “You must have Emily Perkins or some other quiet body with you.” George wrote on the note: “He is a jolly travelling companion” [MTLE 4: 134].
  • Mon Nov 10, 1879
    November 10 Monday – Sam and George Warner arrived in Chicago and took rooms at the Palmer House [MTLE 4: 129].
  • Fri Nov 14, 1879
    November 14 to 16 Sunday – Sam was en route to Hartford.
  • Mon Nov 17, 1879
    November 17 Monday – Sam arrived home at 2:30 A.M.