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  • Tue Aug 11, 1896

    August 11 Tuesday – At Highfield House, Portsmouth Road, Guildford, England,

  • Sat Aug 15, 1896

    August 15 Saturday – Upon arriving at Southampton, the Clemenses found another cable waiting from the family gathered in New York. Susy’s recovery (from an unspecified disease) would be “long but certain.” This convinced Sam to stay in England. Livy and Clara boarded the S.S. Paris bound for New York. On the same day, Dr. Porter in Hartford diagnosed Susy with spinal meningitis, an often lethal malady before the days of antibiotics.

  • Wed Sep 02, 1896

    September 2 Wednesday – Livy, Clara Clemensand Katy Leary sailed for Southampton, England on the liner St. Louis [N.Y. Times Aug. 11, 1896 p.11, “Marine Intelligence”; Sept. 9 to Rogers; MFMT 177].

  • Wed Sep 09, 1896

    September 9 Wednesday – Livy, daughter Clara, and Katy Leary arrived in Southampton. It is assumed they went directly to Guildford to be reunited with Sam [Sept. 10 to Rogers].

  • Fri Sep 11, 1896

    September 11 Friday – The Clemenses and Katy Leary went to London. Sam’s letter of Sept. 14 to Whitmore reveals that Livy was still out house-hunting.

  • Mon Oct 05, 1896

    October 5 Monday – This is the likely day the Clemenses and Katy Leary took possession of a small house at 23 Tedworth Square, Chelsea, in southwest London. Sam’s Oct. 6 to Rogers states they were now “settled in a house.” They kept their address a secret, using Chatto & Windus for a return address and closing themselves off from nearly everyone. Sam’s Sept. 27 to Rogers said they would move into the house “in about a week,”; Oct.

  • Mon Oct 26, 1896

    Sam began work on the manuscript of Following the Equator [Dec. 18 to Rogers]. Note: he may have started even earlier, as he added a note to Bliss on Oct. 21 that he was working on it.

    There is also an unpublished manuscript:  "Travel-Scraps I," in Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1. 2010 

  • Tue Jun 22, 1897

    Sam’s essay, “Queen Victoria’s Jubilee” was first published in the June 22-23, 1897 New York Journal, and was syndicated to other newspapers, then later reprinted in Europe and Elsewhere (1923).

  • Thu Jul 08, 1897
    July 8 Thursday – At the Hans Crescent Hotel In London, where the family took rooms after giving up the Tedworth Square house
  • Mon Jul 12, 1897

    July 12 Monday– At 8 a.m. the Clemens family left London, bound for the Continent.

    Sam’s notebook gives particulars of the first day of their two-day trip, with stops at Rochester, and Queenboro, then across the channel to Flushing, Belgium:

    Left London (Hans Crescent hotel) at 8 a.m. We spent all the previous day packing—till midnight. Various odds & ends no room for. Got Sue, Julie[,] Clara & Jean started down at last, at 7.40. No lift-boy; no clerk to take the money; nobody on desk but 2d hall porter. No cabs, said they should have been engaged the day before.