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Sam Clemens departs his childhood home of Hannibal, Missouri and attempts to support himself as a type setter.  His travels take him to new York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. then back to Hannibal, Keokuk and Muscatine.  He eventually finds his way to Cincinnati, Ohio  where a new phase in his life is to begin on the Mississippi River

  • St Louis - 1853
    Fri May 27, 1853

    By this time Sam was in St. Louis to find his way in the world. Paine writes he took a night boat to St. Louis. Sam likely stayed with his sister Pamela and found work as a typesetter. He vowed never to let a place trap him again.

  • St. Louis to New York, 1853
    Fri Aug 19, 1853

    It took a day, by steamboat and cars, to go from St.

  • Arrived in New York City
    Wed Aug 24, 1853

    Sam arrived in New York City at 5 AM with “two or three dollars in his pocket and a ten-dollar bill concealed in the lining of his coat”

  • Philadelphia, October of 1853
    Wed Oct 19, 1853

    I came here from New York by way of the Camden and Amboy railroad—the same on which the collision occurred some time since. I never thought of this till our train stopped, “all of a sudden,” and then began to go backwards like blazes. Then ran back half a mile, and switched off on another track, and stopped; and the next moment a large passenger train came round a bend in the road, and whistled past us like lightning! Ugh!

  • Flying Trip to Washington DC
    Thu Feb 16, 1854

    He boarded a night train in Philadelphia and arrived at the Baltimore and Ohio station in Washington on the morning of Thursday, February 16, 1854.

  • Returns to Hannibal and Keokuk
    Sat Apr 01, 1854

    “I went back to the Mississippi Valley, sitting upright in the smoking-car two or three days and nights. When I reached St. Louis I was exhausted. I went to bed on board a steamboat that was bound for Muscatine. I fell asleep at once, with my clothes on, and didn’t wake again for thirty-six hours –” [Neider 95; MTL 1: 45-6].

  • Works for Orion on Muscatine Journal
    Mon May 01, 1854
  • Start for the Amazon
    Mon Oct 13, 1856