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August 14, 1861 Sam and Orion register at the Ormsby House and within a few days relocate to Margaret Murphy's fourteen bed boarding house in Carson City.  After too many setbacks in mining, Sam finds work as a newspaper reporter.

  • Bridget O'Flannigan's Ranch
    Wed Aug 14, 1861

    Upon arriving in Carson City the brothers found lodging at the local hotel, the Ormsby House.  They soon moved to Margaret Murphy's fourteen bed boarding house.

  • Esmeralda and Mono Lake
    Sun Sep 01, 1861

    Soon after his arrival in Carson, Sam went to investigate the Esmeralda mining region and Mono Lake

  • Tahoe Timber Claims
    Sat Sep 14, 1861

    During September and October of 1861 Sam visited Lake Tahoe with the aim of securing a timber claim.  During his first visit he was responsible form setting a forest fire.

  • Smitten with Silver Fever
    Wed Dec 11, 1861

    Sam heads to Unionville in Humboldt County and the Buena Vista mining District.  

  • Returning to Carson, marooned at Honey Lake Smith's
    Wed Jan 01, 1862

    Sometime in early January, Sam departs Unionville under miserable weather and returns to Carson

  • Esmeralda Again
    Wed Apr 02, 1862

    More attempts at mining including the infamous blind lead.  "I abandoned mining and went to milling."

  • The Deal Broke
    Thu Jul 31, 1862

    Grub stake gone, "I abandoned mining and went to milling."

  • Search for the Whiteman Mine
    Fri Aug 08, 1862

    A last attempt, little more than tramping around the White Mountain region.  Roughing It places his Mono Lake adventures here but they most likely occurred in September of 1861.

  • Depart Aurora and head to Virginia City
    Tue Sep 16, 1862

    Sam departs the Esmeralda mining district and heads to Virginia City and the Territorial Enterprise.