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Washoe and San Francisco.  Tuolumne County and back to San Francisco.  Tired of reporter duties Mark Twain becomes a traveling correspondent in the Sandwich Islands.

  • Reporting for the Territorial Enterprise
    Tue Sep 16, 1862

    September 16 Tuesday  Sam’s article, “ANOTHER INNOCENT MAN KILLED,” appeared in the Territorial EnterpriseSince the shooting was on Sunday and the paper did not print on Mondays, Marleau thinks this Tuesday was “likely the first day Samuel L. Clemens reported for the Territorial Enterprise” [“Some Early” 12].

  • Depart Virginia City for San Francisco
    Sun May 29, 1864

    Clemens left Virginia City on 29 May 1864 on the California stage,

  • Tuolumne County
    Sun Dec 04, 1864

    December 4 Sunday – Sam left San Francisco with James Gillis for Jackass Hill in Tuolumne County, Ca., some one hundred miles east of San Francisco. They boarded a San Joaquin steamer for Stockton, and from there went on by stagecoach to “that serene and reposeful and dreamy and delicious sylvan paradise” (Jackass gulch[Sanborn 256].

  • Slinking in San Francisco
    Sun Feb 26, 1865

    After a three months’ absence, I found myself in San Francisco again, without a cent.

  • San Francisco Earthquake of 1865
    Sun Oct 08, 1865
  • Return to San Francisco and Booked Passage to the Sandwich Islands
    Tue Feb 27, 1866