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6/5/1891 - 5/10/1895

  • Rouen to Paris
    Wed Oct 31, 1894

    October 31 Wednesday – The Clemens family left Rouen for the two-hour trip to Paris.

  •  Sam traveled to Havre 
    Fri Feb 22, 1895

    February 22 Friday  Sam traveled to Havre where he either stayed in a hotel or spent the night aboard the SS New York, preparing to sail the next morning.  February 23 Saturday – The S.S. New York sailed from Havre, France. The ship stopped in Southampton and sailed for New York.

  • The S.S. New York arrived in New York City
    Sat Mar 02, 1895

    March 2 Saturday – The S.S. New York arrived in New York City

  • Southampton and London
    Wed Apr 03, 1895

    April 3 Wednesday – In the evening the S.S. Paris arrived in SouthamptonEngland. Sam then left for London, where he had an engagement for a dinner given by Henry M. Stanley on the following night.

  • Paris
    Fri Apr 05, 1895

    April 5 Friday – Sam likely traveled on to Paris and 169 rue de l’Université to reunite with his family.

  • The Clemens Family Departs Europe to Begin World Tour
    Fri May 10, 1895

    May 10 Friday – The Clemens family, not together in America since 1891, left Paris for Southampton.