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"The long journeys in poorly lighted, porrly ventilated, and poorly heated coaches, together with frequent poor rail connections and hotel accomodations exhausted him.  By January 14 he acknowledged to his sister Pamela that the pace of the lecture circuit was a hard one and that he wsas 'getting awfully tired of it.'  It constitutes the first record of Mark Twain's disenchantment with tour lecturing,..."  (Lorch pg 95)

January 25 - February 1, 1869:  Marshall, Michigan; Batavia, Illinois; Freeport, Illinois; Waterloo, Iowa; Galena, Illinois; Jacksonville, Illinois

January 25 - Approximately 227 miles between Marshall and Cleveland, Twain undoubtedly followed the same route to Toledo as he did 5 days previously.  It was another 104 miles from Toledo to Marshall:  15 miles from Toledo to Ottawa lake aboard a Lake Shore and Michigan Southern;  18 miles from Ottawa Lake to Adrian aboard a New York Central train;  9 or 10 miles to Tecumseh on the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton;  33 miles to Jackson on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern;  and, 32 miles to Marshall on the Michigan Central. Academy of Music, Marshall, Michigan:  Unable to find location for the Academy of Music except for cryptic 54 56 State up stairs.

January 26 - Approximately 210 miles from Marshall to Batavia.  From Marshall to Michigan City is 121 miles on the Michigan Central Railroad;  Michigan City to Chesterton, 11 miles on the Joliet and Northern Indiana;  To near Wooded Island in 31 miles on the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana;  8.4 miles along the shore of Lake Michigan on the Illinois Central;  from Chicago to Geneva 37 miles on the Galena and Chicago Union;  then 2 more miles to Batavia on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.  Batavia, Illinois:  Unable to find information on venue.

January 27 - The distance from Batavia to Freeport is about 103 miles. From Batavia to Dixon is 66 miles on board the Galena and Chicago Union.  From Dixon to Freeport is 37 miles on board the Illinois Central. Fry's Hall, Freeport, Illinois. 

January 28 - It is 154 miles from Freeport to Waterloo.  From Freeport to Dubuque is 66 miles on board the Illinois Central.  From Dubuque to Waterloo is 88 miles on board the Dubuque and Pacific Railroad.  Russell Hall, Waterloo, Iowa

January 29 - The journey from Waterloo to Galena is about 113 miles.  90 miles of this is on the Dubuque and Pacific Railroad from Waterloo to the Mississippi River.  The Dubuque Railroad Bridge, built in December of 1868 crosses the river from Dubuque to East Dubuque.  Twain's train ride then proceeded 15 to 20 miles to Galena on the Illinois Central railroad.  Bench St. Methodist Church, Galena, Illinois

February 1 - It was approximately 280 miles from Galena to Jacksonville.  52 miles from Galena to Freeport and 138 miles to Bloomington,  aboard the Illinois Central Railroad.  From Bloomington to Jacksonville was 88 miles aboard the Chicago and Alton Railroad. Strawn's Hall, Jacksonville, Illinois   Unable to find location of Strawn's Hall

Twain returned briefly to Cleveland., approximately 430 miles.  There is no documentation, to my knowledge, of the route he took but this represents my best guess based on the 1870 kmz files:  Great Western, through Illinois;  Toledo and Western through Indiana and Ohio;  Cleveland and Toledo in Ohio from Toledo to Cleveland.


“Railroads And The Making Of Modern America”. 2017.


I have found no information on the route Twain took to return to Cleveland from Jacksonville.  From Cleveland, he returned to Elmira February 4 and Hartford February 10;  then back to Cleveland February 13.