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39° 54' 53" N , 96° 17' 54" W

This site is supposedly located on the banks of Vermillion Creek. Ash Point, Laramie Creek, Frogtown, and Hickory Point were names associated with this Pony Express station and stage stop. The tiny settlement of Ash Point began at the junction of the Pony Express route and a branch of the California Road prior to 1860. John O'Laughlin, a storekeeper, managed the station operations. Richard F. Burton, the noted English traveler, passed through Ash Point in November 1860, where the stage stopped for water at "Uncle John's Grocery." The town served as a stage stop in the 1860s and faded away by the end of the 1870s. A stone-covered well, dug by John O'Laughlin, has been located at the station site. (NPS)