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40° 51' 7" N , 100° 9' 58" W

Note: Point plotted about 3 miles south of Gothenburg

The Cold Water Ranch/Midway Station site is possibly located three miles south of Gothenburg. Sources generally agree on its identity as a Pony Express and stage station, although opinions vary about its function as a relay or home station. L. & P.P. Express Co. stages stopped at Cold Water, located between Plum Creek and Cottonwood Springs. Frank Root, an Overland Mail Company messenger in the 1860s, noted the station's name (Midway) came from its central location between Atchison and Denver. In 1863, David Trout managed station operations at Midway Station, also known as Heavy Timber, Smith's East Ranch, Pat Mullaly's Home Station. In 1866, Indians burned the station. (NPS)

Drinking stop for Richard Burton. The NPS site refers to this site as both Cold Water Ranch and Midway Station yet Burton distinguishes between the two.