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Traveling from Thompsonville to Brooklyn:  New Haven, Hartford and Springfield; New York & New Haven; Long Island.

December 1 - Brooklyn Library Society, Brooklyn, New York

December 1 Wednesday  Sam lectured (“Savages”)  for Brooklyn Library Societyat the Bedford Avenue Reformed Church, Brooklyn, New York. Sam’s lecture schedule allowed him to spend most of Dec. 1 to 6 with Livy in New York City [MTL 3: 428n1].

From New York to Poughkeepsie, the Hudson River Railroad.

December 3 - Collingwood's Opera House, Poughkeepsie, New York

December 6 - Beecher's Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, New York

By the evening  of this day, Sam was in Boston,  at the annual dinner of the Boston Press Club.  It's possible Twain slept on the train from Boston, back to New York then on Camden and Amboy to Philadelphia.

December 7 - Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Between Philadelphia and Washington D.C., Twain would likely have ridden the North Central and the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore lines.

December 8 - Lincoln Hall, Washington, D. C.

December 9 - Germantown, Pennsylvania

December 10 - Methodist Church, Mount Vernon, New York