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39° 47' 34" N , 95° 48' 19" W

Sources identify Log Chain as a Pony Express relay station and a stop on the overland stage route. Noble H. Rising, the stationkeeper, maintained a twenty four by forty foot log house and seventy foot barn. Log Chain Station stood near Locknane Creek, also called Locklane and Muddy Creek on some maps. The origin of the name "Log Chain" is uncertain. Stories exist about pulling wagons across the creek's sandy bed with log chains, which may be one reason for its name. The station's name may also be a corruption of Locklane, the creek's name. (NPS)

The Overland Stage likely did not stop at Log Chain Station, but at Locknane's Station about a mile to the northeast according to "The Pony Express Trail: Yesterday and Today" by William E. Hill
U of Nebraska Press, Mar 1, 2010
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Note: Burton refers to this stop as Locknan's or Big Muddy.