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41° 7' 9" N , 101° 12' 43" W

Note: Point plotted about 2 miles south and 4 miles west of Sutherland. Google Maps does not show bluffs.

In 1859, the L. & P.P. Express Co. utilized this station and identified it as "O'Fallon's Bluffs, and therefore it is logical that its successor, the C.O.C. & P.P. Express Co., also used the station for the Pony Express. O'Fallon's Bluff Station is probably about two miles south and four miles west of Sutherland. Located just west of the bluffs named for Indian agent Benjamin O'Fallon, the station appeared in the 1861 Overland Mail Company contract as "Dansey's." This name, a corruption of "Dorsey" or "D'Orsay," possibly identified the stationkeeper. Besides O'Fallons Bluffs and Dansey's, sources give the station a variety of other names, including Half Way or Halfway House, and Elkhorn. (NPS)