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Railroad KML files courtesy of Railroads and the Making of Modern America,  University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


New Haven Opera House
Sam was in Hartford, CT during the day but the tour began in New Haven that evening, with Livy in attendance. "The trip's my last--forever & ever"  
Music Hall, East Orange, New Jersey

East Orange Gazette, November 13, 1884
Mark Twain and George W. Cable

Gilmore's Opera House, Springfield, MA

Mark reported to Livy on a poor reading in Springfield on November 7. (pg 16, Cardwell [Love Letters, p 366. The program at Springfield was experimental])

  Cable reported that the performance was “against terrible odds—brass music & fire-works in front of the hall, vast crowds blocking the streets and cannon firing directly in the rear of the house”     

Springfield Republican, Nov. 8, 1884 page 4.

The Twain-Cable Evening

Blackstone Hall Building, Providence, RI

In the afternoon the audience filled about two-thirds of the sittings. The hall was nearly filled by a select and cultured audience at the evening entertainment. (From Providence Daily Journal 1884: November 10)

Town Hall, Melrose, Massachusetts

 a crowd so large that extra seats had to be moved into the hall (pg16 Cardwell)