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The brick building where Twain spoke still stands as a two-story building with a Chinese restaurant on the lower level.  The third floor was a large community room where Twain spoke and it was removed  some time later after wind damage.

Twain, of course, was not widely known at the time so he warranted only a squib in the weekly Norwalk Reflector  five days later:

"Whittlesey Hall was crowded to its sitting capacity on Thursday evening, on the occasion of the lecture by "Mark Twain."  His discourse was a fine one of its kind. ---- Its humorous points convulsing the audience with frequent laughter  --- while its occasional burst of eloquence showed the author to be a prolific writer and one thoroughly conversant with the subject which he treated.  On the whole, Mr. Twain's lecture was a decided success."

Nowalk's local historian has told me that during the day before the lecture,  Twain had visited the home of a prominent local banker but found no one  home so he left his calling card on the porch.      Another interesting coincidence is that Henry Wheeler Shaw  (later known as Josh Billings) lived with an uncle in Norwalk for a time when he was about 20 years old.

Philip Bauer, Sandusky OH

Lecture Hall