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41° 14' 51" N , 75° 53' 3" W

1 The Wyoming Valley Hotel, “one of the best in the State, with ample accommodation for 250 guests,” was owned by Jasper Billings Stark (1823–82) and was located in a scenic valley known for its Revolutionary War associations (Appletons’ Hand-Book, 167; Kulp, 2:567). Over the next few weeks, Clemens used the hotel’s stationery at least three more times for letters from other places (31 Oct 71, 1 Nov 71, 9 Nov 71, all to OLC). But he was probably still in Wilkes-Barre when he hurriedly wrote the present letter before catching the train for Washington, about two hundred and seventy miles south.

SLC to Elisha Bliss, Jr., 19 Oct 1871, Wiles-Barre, Pa. (UCCL 00665), n. 1.